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Award Winning Tequila

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Everybody is talking about awards these days, so we decided it was about time we share some information about the prizes Altos Tequila has won over the last few years; some being very recent like the gold medals at The Tequila Masters!

Spirits competition take many things into consideration when granting an award, from taste to process and even sustainability. Careful as our Maestro Tequilero is about all these things, Altos has also won in competitions regarding our distillery in Los Altos, Jalisco. Altos Tequila recently won a Gold Medal at The Distillery Masters 2018 for its commitment to a sustainable tequila process at Colonial Distillery of Jalisco; since its inception, Altos wanted to go green on its process, creating a compost that would dramatically help in making 98% of our waste reusable. This has also improved the process since the yeast we use for fermentation is not your typical bakery yeast, but an agave-based organic fermenter made at our distillery.

Taste is king in all the competitions and there too has Altos Tequila won some awards in its three categories: Plata, Reposado, and Añejo. We do not want to be show-offs, but awards are a great joy to all the people behind Altos, so we want to give our congratulatory speeches surrounded by our medals. A few of them are the double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition; Masters Medals for Altos Plata and multiple golds for Reposado and Añejo in The Tequila Masters; being the #3 most preferred tequila for margarita cocktails around the world and 92 points in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016. These awards are not only decoration for our trophy room, they are a reminder for us to keep going the hand-crafted way instead of cost-effectiveness and follow our Master Distiller in seeking for even the last drop of tequila flavor in every bottle.


Enough of talking about us, join us in celebration or most importantly, let us join you in any kind of award show you are watching this season with an Altos Tequila Twinkle.

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